Church Planter, Syrian refugees of Turkey

The Call

ME/TS-01 and ME/TS-02 Church Planter – Workers needed: Two units to provide help through education, social work, mental health and counseling, as well as other practical skills, pointing people to the Savior and establishing the church.

The People

Since March 2011, the crisis in Syria has forced many Syrians to abandon their homeland and seek shelter in other countries. Currently 100,000 of them reside in refugee camps in Turkey while others have scattered to various cities in search of opportunities to provide for themselves and their families. Without legal rights, they are facing new obstacles – getting a job, finding shelter, learning Turkish, and integrating into a society where they are not granted refugee status.

The Project

The project will be located in Turkey, probably close to border areas. To learn more, view the project page for Syrians of Turkey

Get Started

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