Church Planter/Health Worker, Sahara Peoples of Northwest Africa

Maghreb of North Africa

The Call

AF/MM-03 — Workers needed: One unit with a heart for church planting is needed to work among and reach out to Sahara people through friendship evangelism and health education.

The People

The largest ethnic group in the area, the Sahara peoples are descended from nomadic peoples of North Africa. Muslims who decide to accept Christ face trials and persecution, yet many are eager to receive the Bible and learn more.

The Project

The Sahara Peoples of Northwest Africa (pseudonym) have no viable Adventist Church presence among them and no access to the Gospel. In 2005 a single individual went from AFM to serve among the Saharan women, presenting stop-smoking seminars and other health initiatives. To learn more, view the project page for Sahara Peoples of North Africa

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