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Home Schoolers & Teachers: Are you aware that the average American school-aged child spends at least 23 hours a week watching television and playing video games? With the ever-growing emphasis on self-gratification, it’s little wonder our children don’t understand world need or possess an understanding of unselfish service.

But even deeper yet, is the inheritance you will pass on of “Self Instinct.” The Self Instinct, is that which tends to look after one’s own interests despite its pain to others. Kids can inherit from their moms and dads a high Self Instinct – which probably rarely invites a stranger home for Sabbath lunch, rarely gives money that isn’t tax deductible, and usually would be the last to volunteer to house a needy person in their basement for a month. Or on the other hand, with God’s help kids can inherit a low self instinct.

If a parent is a servant to the migrant worker, to the elderly, and the refugee, than these instincts of selflessness will weave themselves into the very fabric of their child’s identity. As a children behold, they become.

Our Involve Kids section provides you with tools to help you introduce children in school or at home to missions and get them excited about selfless service.

Mission Activities & Field Trips

  • Cross-Cultural Guests — Invite a guest speaker who has visited other countries or served as a missionary.
  • Mission Wax Museum — Animate your global studies with a mission “wax museum.” Children dress up and learn their part for the classroom spotlight.
  • Photo Tour — Take your students on a worldwide tour or country expedition online.
  • Cultural Field Trips — Search your area for museums or historical villages and schedule a field trip.

If you have great ideas to add to this list, please email us.

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