How to Witness to Muslims

The following documents contain insight into how you can be a successful witness among Muslim people.

Lead Muslims To Christ Now! A Simple, Effective, Respectful, Enjoyable and Reproducible Model of Sharing the Gospel with Muslims. This is an excerpt from Mike Shipman’s book, Any-3: Anyone, Anywhere, Any Time. You may order this book here.

Discovering and equipping “Persons of Peace” of the Muslim faith with which to communicate the gospel to their family and community.

1.6 billion Muslims live with a mixture of truth and error, awaiting the movement of God’s Spirit to lead them on a “Straight Path” into His kingdom. God has brought Muslims to your doorstep. Will you seek the Holy Spirit’s guidance and empowering to participate in opening the door for Disciple-Making Movements among them?

Devout Muslims pray every day, reminding themselves of God’s sovereignty, the day of judgment, and the importance of finding their Straight Path. Most of the prophets they embrace are covered in more detail in the Bible than the Qur‘an, and the Qur‘an encourages them to seek additional insight from the “former books.” By Robby Butler, advocate of fruitful mission models and occasional contributing editor for Mission Frontiers.

This article is excerpted from Chapter 1 of Garrison’s book, A Wind in the House of Islam and used by permission. You may order this book here.

In certain Eastern African contexts, significant numbers of Muslims entered the kingdom of God over the last decade or so despite very little initial contact with the Bible or Christians. Learn why these Muslims decided to follow Jesus as their Savior and how they share the gospel with other members of their Muslim communities.

Find answers to these common objections:
  1. Your Bible has been corrupted.
  2. You serve three gods.
  3. You think Jesus is God’s son.
  4. You are mistaken. Jesus didn’t die.
  5. You have to pay for your own sins. Jesus can’t do that for you.

The views expressed in these articles are those of their authors alone, and do not necessarily represent the views of AFM. AFM does not endorse all of the theological assumptions contained within these articles. However, these articles are provided to help readers understand the breadth of approaches used in ministry for Muslims.