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“Will you go with me to tell Bible stories to Minan’s family across the valley?” Kildit eagerly asked me. It was my second Sabbath home after being in the States for fundraising and training. Sophie, one of the SMs from last year, used to accompany Kildit on Sabbath-afternoon ministry excursions. But since Sophie had returned to the States, Kildit was eager to find another companion.

“I can’t go today,” I replied. “I already have plans to visit other people. But we will see about another time.” I am ashamed to admit that I didn’t really want to go with Kildit. It is a long hike across the valley, and it would take most of the afternoon. What’s more, I had heard that Minan’s family was not very receptive.

But Kildit was persistent. She asked me again the next Sabbath, but something else was happening, and I still couldn’t go. By that time God was pricking my heart, convicting me that I should go with her. So I was trying to make it happen when Kildit came back with news that Minan’s family had moved to Kensuli. But Kildit had another plan: “How about we go do Bible stories with Mislinda?” Mislinda is good friend of mine who lives near Kemantian. She has had a lot of contact with missionaries and church members over the years, and she knows many Bible stories, but still she resists the truth. So I agreed to go with Kildit every Sabbath to Mislinda’s house. We have been telling her stories of David and Solomon. Kildit is a good teacher and is not shy about asking questions and re-explaining if she thinks Mislinda doesn’t understand. I pray that through this outreach Kildit will grow in her relationship with Jesus, and Mislinda’s heart will soften.

Kildit is not only excited to share. She is also gung-ho about studying the Bible for herself. She has joined every Bible study group available. After Week of Prayer at the school this past March, she stood up and asked for studies to prepare for baptism. She is also in another Bible study group for the elementary students, and she is in my ladies’ Bible study group. At one of our Bible studies, she and Diliya, another girl in the group, were so excited as they told about how they had shared what we had studied with one of Diliya’s neighbors. Diliya is shy and would have a very hard time going and sharing on her own, but going out and sharing alongside Kildit has been a real blessing to both the girls.

Kildit is willing to go anywhere to share Jesus. She enjoys hiking over to Emrang to share, and she really wants to hike the 12+ hours to Kebgen sometime. She also has a burden for her parents. She is from a village a couple of hours from Kemantian, but she now lives nearby so that she can attend school.

Please pray for Kildit as she prepares for baptism. Pray that her fervor and love will remain strong and that she will continue to share Jesus throughout these mountains.