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The Ama people of Papua New Guinea were waiting for a missionary, but no one knew.


Christianity is growing rapidly in Iran, numbering more than 100,000 nationals. Persecution has intensified since 2005, with marked increases in 2011 and 2012.

Isan of Northeast Thailand

Thailand is a deeply Buddhist nation with over 92 percent of its population espousing the Buddhist faith. Missionaries have had very little success at penetrating this massive “spiritual wall.”


The Pendjari worship a sun/serpent god through the mediation of fetishes and ancestral spirits—demons in disguise.

Refugee Ministry

The number of forcibly displaced persons worldwide has surged to more than 51 million.

Romanians of Ukraine

For more than 1,000 years, Romanian peoples have inhabited the southern region of modern-day Ukraine along with a number of other people groups.


Among the 118 people groups in this region, 69 are unreached.

Tentmaker Ministry

Are you ready to use your professional expertise to expand God's kingdom?