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About 150,000 Otammari live in Northern Benin and Togo.

Ministering to the Otammari since 1996

About the People

About 150,000 Otammari live in Northern Benin and Togo. They are famous for their masonry, and their traditional homes resemble mud castles. Most are subsistence farmers and hunters.

Literacy is less than 10 percent among this group, and very few can read or write their own language. Most cling to traditional African religions and have resisted both Islam and Christianity.

Otammari society is patriarchal and all appeals to the ancestors go through the father of the household.

The whole Bible is available in Ditammari (the language spoken by the Otammari). It is clear that the Holy Spirit is moving among these people who have traditionally been extremely resistant to outsiders. Evangelical Christians of several denominations have noticed a dramatic change in their openness over the last years.

About the Project

AFM missionaries have been ministering to the Otammari people since Linden and Michelle St. Clair launched the project in 1996. Today, three missionary units serve on the Otammari Project: Jason and Maggi Harral, Suzy Baldwin, and Ulrike Baur. They are working to grow the active church in Natitingou and the satellite groups in surrounding villages.

People-Group Facts