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Maghreb of North Africa

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North Africa

The Arabic-speaking Maghreb are descended from nomadic peoples of North Africa.

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About the People

Tuaregs, Moors, Maghrebis, Berbers, Copts, and Nubians are among the people groups represented in North Africa. Many of these groups are descendants of nomadic peoples of times past and still carry-on this cultural heritage. Although sharing similar cultures and sometimes a very close ethnic and cultural heritage, there is often a division along racial, tribal, and clan lines. Slavery continues to be a fundamental part of the socio-economic fabric of some of these proud people groups, and their rank greatly affects personal relationships. The languages spoken are influenced to a greater or lesser degree by Arabic and Berber dialects. The spiritual needs in these lands of the Sahara are great and there are souls even here, who are accepting Christ as their personal Savior.

About the Project

The Maghreb People project is located in the North Africa where fishing and iron ore are the principle industries. This region is predominantly hot, dry desert in the north with some agriculture further south. Dates, millet, sorghum, rice and corn comprise the agricultural products, and industries include fish processing and mining (iron ore and gypsum).


People-Group Facts