The Cost

Orion & Keren Lawrence July 01 2016, 10:41 am | 0 Comments

“Would you pray about joining the Ama Project?” The question kept reverberating in my mind as I prayerfully went about my daily tasks.

Again and again I heard God’s still, small voice, “This is from Me. Go ahead.”

With each task and interaction through the day, I realized that by accepting new challenges, friends, languages and situations, I would leave the ones I had. However, I had peace when I listened to the still, small voice.

At the end of the day in the shower, I tipped my head back to fill my mouth, enjoying the privilege of bathing in drinkable water. Suddenly, my eyes filled with tears as I realized that by accepting the call to Papua New Guinea, I might be giving up the ability to drink in the shower.

What small things we humans grasp! Jesus gave up everything in order to save me and the Ama people. I told God that I would gladly give up this small thing in order to share the gospel with the Ama.

What is God calling you to give up? Each AFM missionary is surrounded by people at home who have given up something in order to make a monthly pledge to support them and provide for their ministry overseas. It may not be as drastic as moving to another continent or bathing in non-drinkable water. I invite you to prayerfully ask God what He might be asking of you.

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