Carrie Hann June 01 2017, 9:54 am

Back in October, I had to decide whether to return to the States in November and take a few months to finish my fundraising or wait and return in January. If I returned in January, I would have only about a month and a half to raise the funds I needed to attend AFM training this summer. So I prayed and asked God to make it clear to me by the end of the weekend if it was His will that I return in November. Otherwise I would continue with my original plan to return at the end of January. By Monday, I didn’t sense God telling me to go back in November, so I decided to return in January.

There were times when I felt very stressed as I thought about the amount of funds that would need to come in during that month and a half. I would often have to remind myself that God had everything under control. And praise Him, He did!

About three or four weeks after I returned to the States, enough pledges had come in that I was cleared to attend training! I am very thankful to God and also to each of you who have supported my ministry with your prayers and gifts. Thank you so much!