Our God Provides

Carrie Hann May 01 2017, 3:46 pm

At the end of January as I prepared to leave Palawan and return to the States to finish my fundraising and then attend AFM’s summer training, I felt apprehensive. I had only spent about two months in the States since going to Palawan in 2012, and I wondered how hard it would be to live in America again. Would Palawano words come out when I was trying to speak English? Would I be able to fit into American culture, or would I stick out like a sore thumb for the next seven months? Would I be able to reconnect with friends and family? These were some of the things running through my mind in the weeks leading up to my return. But God has provided in so many ways.

It has been wonderful to reconnect with family and friends. There are times when Palawano words try to come out instead of English, but it hasn’t been as hard to speak as I feared. A friend took me clothes shopping shortly after I got here, and I even had clothes show up for me in the mail. People have randomly given me money to help with my expenses while I am here. My dad had a car ready for me to drive. Fellow missionaries encouraged me and prayed for me as I experienced reverse culture shock. They even sent me “comfort foods” from back home in the Philippines. Enough funds have come in for me to be able to attend AFM training this summer, and other amazing learning opportunities have been arranged. The list goes on! It is so awesome to serve such an amazing God who supplies all our needs.