Immigration and Charcoal

Arnold & Diane Hooker May 01 2017, 3:36 pm | 0 Comments

Upon arriving in Cambodia recently, I wondered whether the immigration officer would be kind or ask a lot of questions. I decided to try to take control of the situation by making small talk in Khmer. I asked him how he was doing, and I was surprised when he replied that his stomach felt sick. Sensing that God had opened an opportunity with this man, I told him that whenever I have a sick-feeling stomach, I drink charcoal powder in water, and I usually feel better within 30 minutes.

I noticed Diane watching from the other side of immigration with a concerned look on her face, thinking I was having trouble. I smiled to reassure her. I was surprised when the immigration agent wrote his phone number on my entry paperwork and asked me to get him some charcoal. I quickly agreed and left his station. Catching up with Diane, I told her what had just happened. She said that she had charcoal in her bag and willingly gave it to me to share with the man. Praise the Lord!

The agent was so happy to get the charcoal, and his supervisor came over to listen to my explanation about this natural remedy. It was a wonderful opportunity to witness about God’s health remedies with new friends at the airport.

God is so good to take my initial concern for processing into Cambodia and turn it into a blessing for the immigration officers. Thank you for your support, and please pray that Diane and I will have many more divine appointments.

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