Adopt a Missionary

Reach a People

Adopting missionaries is a great way for churches to participate in world missions in a unique and personal way. As an adopter, your church would commit to lift up your missionary family through financial and moral support and intercessory prayer.

Why Adopt a Missionary?

What can you expect from your Missionary?

Your adopted missionary commits to regularly communicating with your church through one or more of the following ways: newsletters, emails, Skype phone calls, video clips, photos, prayer requests and furlough visits. They will also regularly pray for your church and the needs of your various members.

How Your Church Can Help

You can help by being part of your adopted missionary’s monthly financial support team, either collectively as a church or as individual members. This commitment can be fulfilled monthly, semiannually or annually.

Why should not the members of a church, or several small churches, unite to sustain a missionary in foreign fields? If they will deny themselves, they can do this. My brethren and sisters, will you not help in this great work? I beseech you to do something for Christ, and do it now (Gospel Workers p. 455).

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