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Pastor/teacher, Pnong of Cambodia

The Need

A new SDA elementary school has opened its doors and it needs someone to help develop the school and influence the people through educational opportunities for the Pnong children.

The People

The animistic Pnong believe in ancestral spirits that have power to protect or wreak havoc in their world. These simple people live in bamboo homes in the jungle and their lives center around getting enough rice to live on.

The Project

A young family is already working in the Mondolkiri Province of Cambodia where they have opened an elementary school for the Pnong hill tribe. They are hoping to have partners to join them in the work among their people.

The Call

AS/CP-03 Pastor/Teacher – Another fun-loving, hard-working, humble unit with an educational/pastoral/Bible worker background is needed to help out or someone with an entrepreneurial mind to plan and coordinate industries for the students.

Apply now

Questions? Contact Recruiter@AFMonline.org for more details about this opportunity.