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Homeschool Teacher/Friendship Evangelist, Pnong


The Need

The Pnong people are beginning to become acquainted with Chief God and need to be led into a loving, obedient relationship with Him.

The People

Rural Cambodians are very friendly yet uneducated, and eager to have you sit and talk. Their religion is animism. Learn more!

The Project

The Pnong project village is located in an area of grassy hills with jungle-filled valleys. Initiated in 2000, this project has yet to establish a group of believers.

The Call

SSDgr-03 Homeschool Teacher/Friendship Evangelist – One female needed to homeschool three students in grades 1,4 & 6, creating fun lesson plans and ensuring understanding of grade level content. Also, develop friendships with villagers and learn the Khmer language. Assist with children’s Sabbath School on Sabbaths and teach an English class one evening each week at the school. TOEFL training provided.

Apply now

Questions? Contact Recruiter@AFMonline.org for more details about this opportunity.