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Home School Teacher #2, Tai Kadai

The Need

The Tai-Kadai are caught up in the spirit world of Buddhism, Brahmanism, and animism co-mingled together in a cacophony of confusion. They lack peace even as they attempt to enter the post-modern world where anxiety is rampant.

The People

For these “Buddhists”, success in life is a direct result of good karma inherited from the previous life. “Small” sins such as cheating on exams, bribing officers, and other fraudulent or dishonest activity are not taboo. “Sin” is that which society won’t accept as decent behavior. Such no-no’s include grievous sins such as murder; showing rigidity in dealing with people; allowing anger to drive a person to abusive behavior; and showing a total lack of respect for religious, government, and other leaders.

The Project

This creative access project is located in a small city on a river flood plain. Within two kilometers of downtown, rice paddies dominate the landscape. The area is characterized by flat, red clay dirt and tropical plants such as coconut, mango, and banana. An English language school was established here in the early 2000s and this is where much of what AFM missionaries do takes place.

The Call

SSDrw-12 Home School Teacher — Female needed to homeschool 11th grade girl, 9th grade twins (boy and girl) and 5th grade boy. Create and supervise fun school activities for 4 hours a day. Keep record of all grades, chart progress, and identify problem areas. Ability to teach piano and guitar a bonus. Teacher’s apartment is a five minute motorbike drive away from children’s house.

Apply now

Questions? Contact Recruiter@AFMonline.org for more details about this opportunity.