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Church Planters, Konkani of Goa, India

The Need

To plant the seeds of a Konkani speaking church to better reach the Goans.

The People

By nature the people of Goa are warm, friendly, easygoing, and large-hearted. They live life in style and at a leisurely pace. Goans are often multilingual, speaking their local Konkani language as well as others. The majority of the population is Hindu (65%), then Catholic (30%), then the remaining 5% other religions. But the bonds of language and Goan identity are strong enough to
allow for different religious persuasions and there is a remarkable degree of tolerance
towards each other’s religious beliefs.

The Project

Currently the Adventist church has two English medium schools associated with two churches in the English language, and two churches in other Indian languages in Goa. But there is no church in Konkani, the mother tongue of the people of this state. Missionaries are needed to plant the seeds of this much-needed church and utilize their various talents to reach the community.

The Call

Workers needed: Two units are needed to start a church planting movement among the Konkani speakers of Goa. The approach used in cultivating friendships and making
disciples will depend on the gifts and talents of the individuals God is calling, and may
involve some level of work in the health care field, or in a tourist related area, or in
graphic arts and promotions.

Apply now

Questions? Contact Recruiter@AFMonline.org for more details about this opportunity.