Mission Opportunities

Opportunity Location Type
Church Planter, Bamar of Myanmar Myanmar Career
Church planter, Irish of Ireland Ireland Career
Church planter, Palawano of Philippines Regions beyond Kemantian Valley Career
Church Planter/Health Worker, Maghreb Peoples of North Africa North Africa Career
Church Planters, Fulani of Guinea Guinea Career
Church planters, Iraqi refugees of Jordan The Fertile Crescent Career
Church Planters, Konkani of Goa, India India Career
Church planters, Syrian refugees of Turkey Turkey Career
Church Planters, Tibetans of India India Career
Church Planters, Western Nasu of China Kunming Career
Church Planters, Yadav of India Bihar Career
English Teacher, Tai-kadai of S.E. Asia Southeast Asia Career
English/Lifestyle Instructor, Georgians of Georgia Georgia Career
Health Worker/Community Development, Maninka of Guinea Guinea Career
Health Workers, Somali refugees of Ethiopia Ethiopia Career