Fred Coker

December 1st, 2017 @ 11:44 am

The Susu village of Foriforiya is about five miles from Fria, Guinea. Its name means “Where they keep the old people.” It is very hard to find a taxi or any other transportation to this village. The road is passable during the dry season, but it winds down through a valley with a shallow river at the bottom that is about 150 feet wide. During the dry season, vehicles can pass through the stream to the village, and people also wade across. But in the rainy season the river is much deeper and has a strong current. The villagers built a suspended footbridge from sticks and bush ropes. Crossing it requires courage and careful balance, as it swings precariously.

We had gained access to this village through a church member named Tamba who works there as a gardener and has a close relationship with the village chief. Our group asked to go to Foriforiya and help Tamba with his gardening, so Tamba told the chief we were coming. When we arrived, brother Tamba presented us to the chief as his church family. The villagers gave us a very friendly welcome. It was almost like a festival. Many people, young and old, came out to greet us. We spent the day with brother Tamba in his garden. Before we left, we promised the villagers that we would return.

On Sabbath afternoon, we discussed evangelism strategies and made plans to visit Foriforiya again. We had three reasons for our visit—to build friendships, to prepare a church garden and to reach out to the villagers with the gospel.

We spoke with the village chief and received a green light to make a second visit. During our first visit, the Lord had opened my eyes to the village’s need for education for its young people and for health services. We invited the local education representative and the mayor of the city to partner with us in this endeavor.

During our last furlough, my wife and I sponsored the building of three classrooms in Foriforiya. Last year, we had a team of medical missionaries headed by student missionary Sara Allman and local nurse Victor Millimouno working in this village.

As result of this work, God has opened new opportunities for us to share Him with the villagers. We have been praying with some of these people, and they testify that there is power in the name of Jesus. Every Sabbath evening, the village chief listens to our radio program. Also, our little group had the opportunity to dedicate two Muslim from this village to Jesus.

Please pray that the gospel will continue to make headway in Foriforiya.